Want Used Car Loans? It’s Exactly How To Assign Insurance

Having a car today is as if it had been a major necessity to be fulfilled. Without a car, as if various activities are quite experiencing obstacles and do not run to the fullest.

Well, the problem is how when the funds available are very limited to buy this four-wheeled vehicle. Thus, not infrequently people choose to buy a car on credit.

Another reason why people choose to buy a used car in credit is the value of this one item the longer it continues to decline. Even so, not infrequently people prefer to buy new cars than used cars for various reasons.

Used Car credits Plus insurance

Leasing companies or credit banks have usually determined that the credited car is accompanied by insurance. The goal, to protect the car that during its creditworthiness is the property of leasing or bank credit buyers.

That is, the car loan and its insurance are already in one package offered. So this car insurance is already in the car loan package. So this insurance is mandatory, for those of you who decided to buy a car in a credit in the leasing company or bank of the creditor.

For example, used car loan packages plus insurance companies offered leasing. Thus, prospective lenders usually only need to pay the deposit (DP/down payment) and installment for a few years without selecting insurance, because it is included in the package. The immolation of this way, usually the price is more expensive away from our forecasts.

For example, Ami bought a car brand ‘ H ‘ for Rp 500.000.000, with a DP of Rp 100,000,000 and monthly installments amounting to RP 10.000.000 for 40 months. Then the money then and the monthly installment paid by the AMI have included vehicle insurance facilities. Well, here Ami does not choose what kind of insurance that is in its credit car.

Make sure car credit insurance is ALL Risk

Leasing companies usually have included car insurance in the credited car package. So, you just pay the DP and the call for a few years without the headache of choosing insurance.

The drawback of this way, of course, the price can also be much more expensive than our forecasts. Then, how? Of course, we want to save more, right? If there is a cheaper offer, surely we will think again to choose which one suits our financial situation best.

Before choosing, it is best to understand it before deciding to take one of the cars to be bought in credit, ranging from price, car condition, including its performance, do not let the car body look smooth and good, but apparently problematic engine Shortly after purchase.

This also determines the importance of car insurance in the installation package. So, make sure that the used car that you bought in the credit clearly covers all risk or is all risk. If not, then in the middle of the road you can just spend a lot of car maintenance costs.

For that, to be examined and credited is the credit offer of the car. Whether car insurance has been protected or protects the whole. Do not cover the insurance in the car that you bought on the credit it turns out it does not covers everything.

Beware of ‘ traps ‘

Often the offer of used car loans on the market is quite seductive and attracts interest to have it. Therefore, it is necessary to be careful and careful to choose the car to be purchased. At least, don’t let you get stuck by the marketing game.

There are at least some bargains that used to be lucrative but are actually just fired. What is it?

Interest 0%

Anyone seems to agree on the non-percent interest it looks profitable. Remember that it could be just a marketing strategy. The cause is not an impossible thing when the cost is deducted and is not charged at other costs.

It could be, the cost is actually included in other components. That is, the truth is that you are not getting zero percent interest, but you can only pay for other costs that are actually swollen without being noticed or known.

Free Insurance All risk in the second year

A car loan offer that may include a trap is a free offer of insurance that covers the entire cover up to the second year or any year. If you are offered a free insurance fee of all risks in the second year of the used car that you bought in that credit, then it is necessary to watch out.

Thus, it means that it is not cheap. Because in the second year of installment, you are required to pay a bigger insurance fee than it should. Instead of profit, but actually losing more costs will be incurred.

Meticulously Select car insurance type

With the possibilities above, it’s a good idea to carefully choose which vehicle insurance to buy. For consideration, you can also choose TLO (Total Lost Only) insurance as an option with the cheaper price of insurance-related risk.

The second difference in insurance is doubled, where the probability of the occurrence of all risk car insurance claims is greater than TLO insurance. Therefore, the insurance company has also taken into account the probability of claims that will be proposed.

Please note, this type of TLO car insurance only replaces the above 75% loss, a.k.a. if the car is severely damaged or lost stolen. If only the ceremonial, dent, and other, will not get any damages. While all risk car insurance will be secured or protected in whole or all.

TLO Insurance more to sell when to buy a used car?

If you decide to buy a used car, it does not hurt to drop a choice on TLO insurance. This is actually more rational considering that purchased is a used car, isn’t it? So that the financial losses suffered when something happens with the used car, it will be less than the cost of having a new car.

Try to propose a car credit type that we want yourself. But that means we have to know exactly about the existing car insurance including the loss of profit. Usually, the leasing will not easily approve your offer if the benefit of insurance is more minimal.

Therefore, look for insurance whose value is not too expensive but bring benefits to the needs of the leasing. Certainly not easy, but this can be tried. If successful, surely the size of insurance premiums that you will be liable to become too large.

Remember, there is or no claim, the fixed insurance premiums must be paid, Lho. In case of a claim, the cost is not as expected. Nevertheless, there is still no harm in taking car insurance.

It could be without insurance, the damage that must be borne is fantastic. Especially if you buy a particular brand car that costs a spare part or a big treatment. Car insurance is enough to help ease your car maintenance costs later.

Consider insurance and choose your car credit

If you want to buy a car in credit, be sure to understand well so you can choose the required insurance. This may seem trivial, but it actually has a better impact or benefit for your beloved car or your finances. Or, do not get the cost of the chosen insurance too expensive or outside the fairness. Choose the right leasing and can accommodate your wishes.