Must know, 7 risks not covered by travel insurance

Who is that? If you are among those, you need to prepare for travel insurance to protect yourself from various risks during the trip, such as accidents, death missed flight, lost baggage and important documents, home burned, and other risks

Travel insurance may anticipate costs arising from unexpected events or events. It can cover yourself and your family. But please note, not all risks are borne by insurance companies. What are the risks? Here’s an explanation.

1. Terrorism attack

If at any time you are experiencing injuries or injuries and must be hospitalized due to terrorism attacks that occur in the country or city of destination, the cost of treatment is not the responsibility of the insurance company. Therefore, you must make sure that the holiday destination is safe, its political conditions are stable, and are not conflicted.

To find out about the situation in your destination country or city, find as much information on the Internet. When the condition is being damaged, a heated conflict occurs, it is better to cancel the holiday plan there until the situation is completely safe. Alternatively, look for his success

2. Illness due to drug and alcohol consumption

Insurance companies exclude all diseases caused by the consumption of alcohol and illegal drugs, such as drugs, cocaine, marijuana, and other illicit drugs. If it is proven medically, the insurer will never grant you an insurance claim at any time. For that, avoid consumption of alcohol and drugs during the holidays. Besides not getting insured, consuming it can also harm your health.

3. Natural Disaster Events

Injuries, injuries, or loss of life due to natural disasters also become an exception for insurance companies, although basically natural disasters are one of the events that occur outside human control. Just as with the case of terrorism, you need to find a lot of information on geographical and weather conditions in the destination country or city. Cancel or snooze The trip if the situation and condition do not match your expectation at the beginning.

4. Planned accidents

Accidents that are feigned or intentionally clearly banned by insurance companies. If it is proven to seek profit in this way, automatic claim submission is rejected. When still forcing, the case may be taken to the green table.

As surely as you are to trick the accident until it looks real, the insurance company will still know it. Because there will be interview sessions and collection of certain files to prove whether the accident is actually happening or just artificial.

5. Injury due to participating tournaments

If the purpose of your visit to a country is to participate in a tournament and be injured during the tournament, the cost of insurance will not be granted. The fee incurred will be borne by you as a tournament member or the organizer of the tournament itself. In this case, you really have to keep yourself and health conditions to avoid medical expenses in the hospital.

6. Action against the law

Any act against the law, such as driving over a certain speed limit or committing a crime, the costs arising from this action are not the responsibility of the insurance company. You, your family, friends, or relatives who have to bear those costs.

Before going on holiday, you should note the cases that are included in the crime in the country. This way, you can anticipate it by not doing it during the holidays.

7. Pregnant women who miscarriage

Pregnant women are usually forbidden to travel long unless they are already through the doctor’s approval. What about why? Of course, to prevent the occurrence of miscarriage during the trip. Moreover, this miscarriage is not included in the insurance company’s coverage fee.

In the case of miscarriage, the cost of maternal care and its contents in the hospital is borne by its own expense. Includes medication and special treatment during the healing process.