Hey guys welcome back to Soulm today I am going to be tackling at my whole house and we are going to be getting this whole place cleaned up and looking really nice and just creating a peaceful space for everyone to enjoy living in and I figured I would take you guys along with me on this day just to give you guys some extreme cleaning motivation.

Like I said I’m going to be cleaning my house from top to bottom I think I ended up cleaning every single room so this article is so packed full of tons and tons of motivation for you guys so I hope that you guys enjoy and let me know in the comments if you guys end up cleaning along with me today or just getting some motivation to save for later as you can see I’m just starting out in my bedroom and getting our bed made for the day and just kind of changing out the sheets I usually change our sheets out about once a week and this is something that is just one of my favorite things I feel like climbing into fresh sheets is such an amazing feeling it’s definitely one of my favorite little things in life so before we get too far into the article I actually wanted to mention to you guys that this article is a collaboration with one of my sweet friends Micah Stauffer I’m sure most of you guys already know who she is but if you don’t you guys have to go follow her she is such an inspirational mama you guys will absolutely love her she has five little ones she homeschools she’s somehow it doesn’t all and makes it all look so easy she is such an inspiration and I know that you guys will love following along on her journey she is also doing a whole house clean with me and her house is absolutely gorgeous.

I just love watching her articles so I will have hers link down below and we’re also adding a little something extra special for you guys Micah and I wanted to give back to you guys last time we did a collab we actually gave away a Dyson vacuum and you guys loved that so much so we are going to be doing the same thing today and we are giving away a brand new vacuum to one of you guys so you can make the choice on whether you want an LG vacuum that she is using in her article or if you want a Dyson vacuum like I am using in mine so to be eligible to win you need to be subscribers of both of our channels with your notification belt on and then comment on both of our articles you can make this comment be whatever you want you can let us know what the weather is like where you’re at just whatever you want and this giveaway will end on October 21st and we will pick the lucky winner to receive at the vacuum of their choice so good luck to everyone and I hope that you guys enjoy the rest of this article and also when you head over to Micah’s channel be sure to let her know that Amanda sent you I always love going over and seeing who went over for my suggestion it just means a lot when you guys do that since Kyle and I had just recently gotten back from New York we had a ton of laundry to get caught up on we had sheets and our clothes and the boys clothes and just kind of everything that we had to wash or dry or put away so that’s what I’m tackling right here and just getting all of that laundry started I could stop pretending that I wanted to stop like a wall keeping worse they take me back the next thing on my list was to unpack both of our suitcases I don’t know what it is about it but there’s something about unpacking a suitcase that.

I really dread doing so I try to put it off but I’ve actually started making myself unpack our suitcases within the first day or two of being home and let me tell you it has made the biggest difference it just feels like a huge weight is lifted when you don’t have that suitcase just kind of hanging over your head waiting for you on the floor all the time you’re constantly having to pull clothes out of it and things out of it so getting that suitcase unpacked right away really helps create a peaceful state of mind and I just think it is so worth it so if you have gone on a vacation recently or if you’re heading out on a trip soon I challenge you to unpack within one or two days of getting home and I guarantee you’ll be so happy that you did Atlas take me I’ve mentioned this a few times before but I like to kind of mention it every now and then just because I do get comments on it still but when I have to hang up a bunch of clothes all at once I will leave them all flat on top of each other and then just slide the hangers in like I’m doing here and it makes the whole process go a lot faster and anything that makes laundry go faster is such a win in my book so I know that y’all have been watching this only for a few minutes but the process of putting all of that laundry away it took so so long on top of me having to actually stop for Mom life I know that wasn’t always in the clips it just kind of depends on if I leave that in or not but that definitely wasn’t just one solid piece of time it really just took me like over an hour to do all that because the kids kept coming in or I would just get sidetracked on something but once I had that bed all cleared off it really did feel so good and like a huge weight was lifted we’ll put so by this time Kyle had actually gotten home and I just had him kind of help me move a few things out of the hallway in here this tends to be a drop zone for us recently just kind of out of the ways near the laundry room in the garage and so it’s easy to kind of set things out there without having to feel like they’re in our way so I wanted to just kind of clear that area out and then I could actually go back in and clean the floors a little bit later moving into the master bathroom as you can see I had a ton of things out on my counter.

I don’t even know what I was out on my counter pretty much everything I own I feel it was just so cluttered and so messy and as you will see in just a second I forgot to zip up my makeup bag and everything fell out of it when I picked it up so all I could do is laugh it off but oh my gosh and you can tell I will put it forgets your dad now because I am doing a whole house clean I was not going to be doing a really super deep clean in most areas just because that would really take me the entire day and so a lot of this is just kind of maintenance clean and tidying up and then just kind of lightly cleaning the areas so I’m not using my disinfectant spray today on the countertops but instead I am just using my disposable wipes and these are something that just kind of saves my sanity a lot of times when I know that I don’t have time to actually get out my spray and all my rags and everything I can just do a really quick wipe down and get everything clean and not have to spend a whole ton of time doing it because I make my move since I already had my eat class out I just came out to my bedroom and started wiping down my mirror and as you can see right here I actually just got a splinter from my mirror it wasn’t a really bad one but it definitely kind of startled me but on my mirror I’m just using my general purpose cloth and my glass and polishing cloth and I do have a coupon code in the description box in case if you were interested in checking them out but I love my a cloth i rave about them all the time they are so amazing once I got my bedroom cleaned up and all of that laundry put away and also my bathroom cleaned up I came out to the living room with the boys and I just started tidying up I also wanted to include them in this because as you can see when you look on the floor and you look on the couch a lot of this if not all of these things are actually things from the boys and so I wanted to make sure that they were included in this cleanup process and as you will see in just a second the boys had actually moved my pillow to make a pillow fort under the kitchen table so we needed to get all of my throw pillows up on the couch I try to keep them up on the couch I kind of joke with them a lot and I tell them the throw pillows are like my heart so when your throw the throw pillows on the ground it’s like you’re throwing my heart on the ground and we all have a good laugh but they really do know that I love to kind of keep my throw pillows nice and as I was editing this this part got me laughing so hard because you will see Luke literally chuck my throw pillow into the other room oh my gosh you guys.

I don’t know what it is about throw pillows and boys or kids in general but they just love to not keep them on the couch and it drives me a little bit nuts never up never down never like a claim in a song clever feeling high live at the same time open now I never think while I was clearing off the counter I had Liam come in and start unloading the dishwasher they didn’t have the chance to get that done earlier in the day so I just have them start doing that now because this is usually a chore that they do every single day I can see everything clear while I was helping Liam unload the dishwasher and just kind of put some of the things up high I had Luke take out the recycling this is another one of their jobs this is not their actual chore that is on their chore chart but it’s just something that I usually have the boys help out with because it’s really easy for them and it just kind of takes an extra task off of me so I usually get them to help out with things like this once I had all the dishes in the dishwasher I just went and started hand washing the rest of the dishes that weren’t able to go in the dishwasher and I have been using the fall acorn scent so recently and I have just been loving it I feel like it’s just been bringing the fall vibes into our house a little bit more and I’ve said this so many times but when you find a cleaning product that smells really good it really makes a huge difference and it makes you enjoy cleaning a bit more it might not make you love cleaning but it definitely makes an experience not so bad and something that you don’t really mind doing as much so if you have not found your favorite cleaning product the one that just makes you enjoy it the one that you enjoy smelling then I suggest you try to find one because it really does make a big difference it’s your shine I’ve gotten some comments about my chairs recently from you guys just asking how they’ve been holding up at the pain and also asking if I’ve been having to clean them a lot more and they have held up incredibly well and honestly.

I feel like I’m cleaning them even less because the paint really only shows like dirt and things like that and it doesn’t show like any oils from fingerprints and so I feel like I’m cleaning them a lot less which has been really really nice but I always love hearing your guys’s thoughts on things so let me know if you guys like how the chairs turned out with the white or if you ended up liking them how they were before when they were just all wood don’t guess I have to tell you cuz your wedding understand that I’ll be if you guys are ready to see some magic happen I am going to get this messy fingerprint ridden fridge so shiny and looking so good and I am just using my favorite eat cloths again the same ones that I used on my mirror in the bathroom if you guys have been with me for a really long time you know that I have searched high and low for a really good stainless steel cleaner and these have been my favorite hands-down they are so amazing and I love that all you have to do is clean them with water seriously if you have not jumped on the e-cloth bandwagon yet go ahead and do it you guys can thank me later yeah yeah and I wanna be why’d you have to go and finally we’re to the point where I’m vacuuming the floors I feel like once I start back heating the floors it just makes me really happy because I don’t usually vacuum the floors until everything else is clean and so to me that kind of signifies hey you are getting close you’re almost done and it’s just one of the very last things I do but while I’m vacuuming it’s just reminding me that I am so excited to be giving back to you guys once again you’ll know that I love giving back and I do these often so anytime I get the chance to give back to you guys I always jump on it I am always so excited for this and I cannot wait to give someone else a new vacuum so just a quick little reminder if you have not already entered be sure you are entered down below I will also have all the details on how to enter down in the description box in case you missed that earlier but like I said we made it super easy there’s no reason not to enter the last thing I’m doing down on our main floor is just mopping and I’m using my favorite mop of all time it is the e cloth spray mop as you guys know I really hate mopping and this mop has really made this chore not so bad I will not say that.

I love mopping but I don’t mind it with this mop so if y’all are in the market for a mop I would definitely suggest looking into this one Oh coming upstairs I am just kind of clearing out the hallway where I had lots of different decor summer decor items that I’m going to be storing until a different season and then others are actually some fall decor items that I got for my sister’s and I’m hopefully going to be seeing them soon and I can help them decorate with some fall decor and if we end up getting that done sooner than later I will definitely film that and share a article with you guys if that’s something you’re interested in seeing moving into our playroom slash guest room I am just picking up some of the toys Kyle actually took the boys to go pick up his mom who is coming to stay with us for a few days so I wanted to make sure I put the new clean sheets on the bed and also just got all the toys picked up so that she had a nice room to come into after her long flight as you can see I was filming this article all day long it took me so long to film because I was still taking care of the kids and just doing lots of things but I did finally get it done and it felt so good to just sit down on the couch after a long day and enjoy the clean house I know it took a lot of time and effort but it was so worth it.

I didn’t call you next up was the boy’s room again this is something that I would definitely have our kids in here helping me out with but like I said they were actually got enough time at the moment and so I just wanted to make sure that everything was nice and clean for my mother-in-law got here so I’m just really quickly making their bed since we had a busy morning and didn’t get around to doing that earlier and this is another room I’m actually going to be making over soon I’m just kind of coming up with the rest of my ideas for space and I am so excited to hopefully get some time in the next few weeks and film that for you guys and share it it’s been on my list for a long time I have just not had the time for it so fingers crossed.

I can get that done soon the very last space and the house that I needed to clean was the boy’s bathroom and it wasn’t really too messy in here I just needed to kind of tidy up a little bit and then wipe down the counters and the mirror and I also wanted to clean the toilet and just make sure everything was looking nice because like I said my mother-in-law was coming and I just always liked having our house nice and clean and welcoming when we have guests over so I hope you guys enjoyed this article and I hope this gave you tons and tons of cleaning motivation please don’t forget to go check out Micah’s article next and also let her know that I sent you I hope you guys have an amazing day I am so incredibly thankful for you guys and I will see you in my next one bye guys