Hey, guys welcome back to Soulm and thank you so much for coming back for another motivational cleaning article today I’m decluttering including and organizing my kitchen the cabinets drawers and pantry I’m also deep cleaning our fridge and showing you guys how I stock it this kitchen gets ripped through on a daily basis with all the cooking and snacking we doing here it really needed a reset I do well with keeping up with the fridge but the freezer I haven’t clean in a very long time we needed some more storage containers for our products also snacks being at home all day I’m having a bit more meltdowns than usual I really wish we had a bigger pantry because I have a lot of snacks for the kids it just makes my life so much easier I started cleaning at 10:30 a.m. and finished at 4:30 p.m.

But I gave the kitchen a complete seat clean I’m so satisfied with the end result and if you like motivational cleaning videos like this be sure to subscribe to my channel and click the notification bellow so every time I upload a new video you will be notified and with all that said let’s get started the first thing I’m doing is removing everything from the top cabinetry onto the countertop so I can see what I have this cabinet, in particular, drives me crazy because I know there are lots of expired prescriptions in here now I’m gonna vacuum any crumbs and dust and then I’ll go in and properly wipe it down with my cleaning vinegar and a cloth I haven’t done really clean these cabinets in over six months.

I should have done this during my spring cleaning video but I really wanted to get the oven clean anyways after this I’m going to start organizing and putting things back I couldn’t fit everything onto the countertops at the same time so I did it in sections I found these acrylic tea organizers on Amazon I thought this will look way better than a bunch of tea boxes surprisingly all of my teas fit into one so I use the other one for my daily vitamins there’s always been a dip in the shelf I don’t know why it’s been that way since we moved in but I love how simple this cabinet is now I have my French press that I’m still holding on to even though I don’t drink French press coffee anymore and my Turkish teapot coffee pods water bottles our blender that I can’t use because my son is terrified of it medicines and supplements hopefully.

I can keep this minimal I finally purchased some proper drinking glasses six is fine I don’t really have many guests literally just Noel my Tupperware is out of control there are lids leftover from the last set that I had the red ones I didn’t purchase when we lived in the apartment the kid’s dad would take lunch to work for himself and his friends every day and eventually I had no more Tupperware left so he bought these red ones which I don’t like at all I prefer the class so I’m donating those and reorganizing then adding in the new ones now onto the drawers what I’m most excited about I used to get a ton of takeout sushi so we have tons of to-go utensils and chopsticks this drawer has never really been organized or the way I would like it so I purchased some new kitchen gadgets in my favorite color also these um satin gold flatware and these acrylic organizers.

I love this look so much it’s some and yes I washed everything beforehand including the organizers the trash bags that I’m putting things into is not the garbage I’m giving all of this to Noel and so much more he told me not to get rid of anything before running it by him he’s been renovating his house and doing a bunch of organizing on a budget the silverware organizer I’m giving away but these I’m keeping to organize the junk drawer I needed some more cooking utensils since I tend to make more than one meal at once and only had about three.

I was using things to pick up pasta like tongs and flip my salmon with a spoon I didn’t have a soup spoon or a measuring cup my measuring cups have been taking over by the kids the measurements rubbed off on them anyway but I love these rolls cold ones everything is from Amazon if you’re wondering I’ll leave all the links in the description in this cabinet I keep a lot of glass jars and my cast-iron pans rice cooker the kids lunchboxes I called in a while to see if he was interested in taking some and of course he said yes I didn’t want to take them all out and clean it and put them back then take them back out again so I just left it alone and moved on to the others under the sink I’m using a liner because I noticed when my hands are wet and I switch on the garbage disposal the water collects at the bottom and it looked like it was causing some slight water damage and I can’t have that so I put a liner down there and you can easily take this out and clean it or just change it out I’ve owned this also on Amazon I wanted to give you guys an update on this jaws cranek cleaner I really do like it more than the method granite cleaner I can use this one with not a damp cloth like I normally do and it doesn’t leave behind the residue like mrs.

Meyers and Method do so so far I really like it and right now I’m just offloading the dishwasher and putting some more things away I’ll show you guys how everything looks at the end since I knew we were going to keep eating and creating more dishes now I’m wiping down all of the cabinets with my method wood for good is just in an old glass cleaner bottle I thought to take on the garland but I still liked it it was a little dusty up there though.

I’m using the jaws disinfectant for the trash because I felt like it needed it only a few sprays because it says it’s not safe to use around animals and my kids were home but playing outside I thought the glass cleaner would make the trash can shine but it didn’t so I went back over it with my and the stainless steel cleaner which is still by far my favorite for cleaning stainless steel moving onto the fridge ignore those cracks at the top I’ll move those later I had to get them out of the way in a hurry before Amir got to them anyways I didn’t take everything out of the fridge at once because I didn’t want to leave it open if beeps and Sultan hate that I had a lot of organizing to do since I have more storage containers I didn’t like using the zip blocks for this the produce always go soggy really fast especially the berries these storage bins are from Amazon.

I mentioned them in my last kitchen organization video but I still get so many questions about them I like that it has the drainage tray at the bottom and I just flip my fresh papers under there and it definitely keeps our produce fresher longer that’s why I soar the produce this way I wasn’t planning on cleaning the freezer but I put this off so much and I was for sure that there was expired food and spills in there so in order for me to feel complete I today I don’t like digging through things while I’m in here cooking I just want everything where I can see it I also have a deep freezer in the garage that.

I bought during hurricane season there’s not much in it since we haven’t been able to wholesale shop in over two months wholesale shopping is so much better for my family we eat a lot and shopping little by little like this is getting expensive you were getting buzzing rum and cola wasn’t brave enough yet just to talk to you not a smooth talker under pressure sweaty palms smoking outside trying to get your attention you make me nervous in the corner you were getting buzzing rum and cola wasn’t brave enough yet just to talk to you smooth talker under pressure sweaty palms and much better lastly my pantry I’m switching out my favorite white Target baskets for the acrylic organizers I’m not getting rid of the previous baskets if you’ve watched my videos for a while you know I always save things and find use for it again having the clear bins makes it easier for the kids and I to see what’s in them I know that we just met the other night not a smooth talker under pressure sweaty palms I found this sealer on Amazon I love it any time we have open snack bags.

I hope you all enjoyed it if you did leave it a thumbs up I included a mini-tour at the end so you guys can see the result as always thank you so much for reading my article and I will talk to you all in my next posts